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From the first sketch to the last brick, Ves manages all aspects of AOA’s projects, pursuits, and proposals. With 28 years of experience in construction and hospitality in his repertoire, Ves is among AOA’s veterans – the fact that his head is on the office cold-brew coffee tap will tell you that much.

Along the lines of his illustrious career, Ves has managed themed entertainment attractions across the Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld, FACE entertainment, Wyndham properties, and much more. Whether it’s ascending through the clouds on the back of a banshee or relaxing in the lap of hotel lobby luxury, Ves’ work spans a multitude of e-ticket attractions, luxury resorts, and much more.

In his past life, Ves acted as a Combat Construction Engineer in the United States Army. Ves provided management services for a wide variety of new construction projects, repair services, and renovation projects valued from $50K to more than $400M. His prior background in construction gives him unique expertise in estimating, projection, and contractor management; he’s glad to apply this unique experience to each and every AOA project.

Aside from being a military veteran, Ves is also an AOA veteran; he’s a huge proponent of the team’s culture. At this company, he acts as a leader in both client projects and around the office shenanigans. His band, Ves and the Yetis, has performed many tours around the Winter Park building. His world tours have taken him all the way from the creative department to the construction side – one year, a leprechaun costume also made an appearance.

Ves Baxter is certainly one of AOA’s one-of-a-kind employees. His long-time loyalty and dedication to the company lives between the lines of each on-time and on-budget projects, and it lives within each lighthearted office escapade. As both a military veteran and an AOA veteran, Ves holds sincerity as his first principal – even if it’s just a really authentic cup from the cold-brew tap.

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