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Stephanie is an experiential producer, creative project manager, and musician whose unique combination of quantitative and artistic capabilities have helped her bring a variety of multi-disciplinary projects to life.

Throughout her career, Stephanie has worked with leadership teams of all kinds to manage the life cycle of immersive and experiential programs. By incorporating her analytical background with her strong communications skills, she has helped build and administer budgets of up to $4M while also supporting the story-telling efforts of the creative teams she’s been a part of. Her experience ranges from production logistics planning and on-the-ground problem-solving to program development and relationship management.

Stephanie has a great love and appreciation for the arts – she served as Global Events Co-Chair of Women in Music (an international nonprofit organization with a mission to amplify and support the work of women in the musical arts through education and programming) and continues to create music and visual art via several mediums.

Stephanie’s collaborative approach to team management, commitment to community building, and keen eye for detail have brought success to both small and large projects alike, and she works to build upon her experience to bring new stories to the world.

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