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Romil is an experienced Human Resources (HR) professional with a passion for connecting with people. He leverages 10+ years within the hospitality and entertainment industry to build long lasting relationships in our industry, local community, and within AOA. He is instrumental in adapting new workforce requirements within AOA while maintaining AOA’s culture at its core!
On the employee front, Romil’s life approach of “assuming positive intent” serves him well knowing that positive outcomes follow. Though Romil would love for all employees to share his passion for soccer, his main goal is to put employees first and continue to foster a creative culture with positive values. Romil believes that “The best thing about AOA is the people, welcoming, positive, and always willing to help”. He follows suit with his commitment to maintain a diverse workforce within AOA from top to bottom through his passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion…a hat-trick he is sure to score.

His employee relations expertise allows him to focus on maintaining a positive environment to help employees succeed, stay motivated, and engaged. “Value added = value gained” is his mantra and Romil believes that investing in employees’ development is paramount! He aims to make each employee feel valued and supported as they continue to develop their skills and/or explore new skills…nothing’s out of reach in AOA.

Romil’s dedication to keep consistent systems and processes in place while allowing flexibility in an ever-changing workforce, is helping to build structure adaptable to all employees. Wearing many hats, Romil directs all aspects of HR including but not limited to employee relations, employee development, company benefits, recruitment, and best practices and compliance. With this diverse skillset, Romil scores back of the net each time and has proven to be a valuable asset to our AOA team!

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