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For Mike, 25 years of construction management have culminated in civil engineering in faraway galaxies, estimating on private cruise line islands, conducting quality assurance on attractions several leagues under the sea, and so much more. At AOA, Mike serves as project engineer, estimator, and construction extraordinaire on all projects: sea-based, land-based, and even outer space based.

Alongside his AOA teammates, Mike has worked on projects like Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Cay, the Orlando International Airport’s Intermodal Transit System Guideway, Walt Disney World’s new Fantasyland expansion, Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and many others. He’s happy to say that no two days at AOA are the same – after all, where else can you expand the Dr. Philips’ Performing Arts Center one day and work alongside a banshee the next?

And no two people at AOA are the same, either. One of Mike’s favorite things about his job is the diversity in backgrounds; he tries to learn something new from his team-mates every day and, in turn, tries to offer them a nugget of knowledge himself. That dedication to discovery makes Mike one of the most adaptable professionals in the greater construction industry; he’s open-minded and appreciative of what each person brings to the table. When it comes to the vast diversity of projects at AOA, his willingness to both learn and teach makes him a welcome party at any task’s table.

With his varying structural and themed construction background, Mike manages all of the players involved in AOA’s projects. From the underground civil contractor to the themed entertainment designers, Mike implements logical strategies and careful designs to construct the most challenging projects in entertainment construction.

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