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As a jack-of-all-trades and concept master, Matt’s ingenuity and creativity live within the lines of every project he touches. World-class attractions, terrific themed lands, and amazing art collectives are just a few things that Matt’s worked on – he’s so excited to see where AOA takes him next.

Matt’s notable projects include various projects at DreamWorld in Australia: concepts for the Kung Fu Panda area and accompanying signage, graphics at Shrek’s Faire Faire Away, and color design at Madagascar Madness, to name a few. Across these projects, Matt excels at employing his wide range of skills across the design process. Concept art? Been there, done that. Design development? Matt’s happy to take care of that. Design documentation? He prides himself on detailed designs from page one to page 100. And communicating all that to clients, co-workers, and contractors? Matt’s got that covered. He also excels at 3D modelling and rendering, allowing him to convey designs to clients in more in-depth and engaging ways.

As far as AOA projects go, Matt is proud to have participated in several initiatives for Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. In this unique art installation, Matt has helped connect the abstract to the practical. For that off-the-cuff experience, he was an integral part of developing foundational relationships with vendors, contractors, and individual artists. He’s also worked on various projects across the Walt Disney Company: broadcasting initiatives, 3D modelling work, and so many other Disney details punctuate the illustrious lines of Matt’s career.

Matt always strives for the highest standards of artistry and creativity for our clients, but lands that are imaginative and exciting are just one part of fulfilling a client’s vision. Matt also prides himself on functional, buildable, and fiscally responsible designs; it’s just one part of making a piece of paper burst into electrifying attraction life.

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