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Clear-cut carpenter, clearheaded construction professional, and capable consultant are just a few words used to describe this capital AOA contact. Ken Kolcyzcki is a 30-year construction professional with origins in Walt Disney Imagineering and a bright future alongside AOA. From rockin’ rollercoasters to fantastic facades, Ken is among the finest construction professionals around.

Since 1987, Ken has been sharing his expertise and mastering the tools of the trade. After an education at Florida Midland Technical College spent learning carpentry, he began working for the Buena Vista Construction Company and Walt Disney Imagineering, where he had the opportunity to plan and organize vendor responsibilities, arrange the layout of buildings, and coordinate across several lines of business. Among all of the projects Ken worked on alongside his Disney co-workers, some of the most notable include Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and countless attractions and resorts across Disney property.

At AOA, Ken carries his Disney work on through various mouse-made maintenance projects and brand new initiatives. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story Land, and Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train are just a few of the opportunities he’s managed, directed, and collaborated on. His diverse experience has given him the confidence to excel at any project that lands on his desk: E-ticket attraction? Bring it on. High-class hotel? He’s up for the challenge. Retrofitting a theme park land? Ken is ready to explore that rehab.

Ken is well versed in working in the themed entertainment industry whether it be parks, attractions, or entire lands. His can-do attitude and cultural experience allows him to maintain that clearheaded mentality, making him the perfect addition to any of AOA’s exciting entertainment projects.

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