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In her capacity as Associate, Interior Design Studio, at AOA, Jennifer helps design concepts that turn client dreams into a reality.

Alongside the rest of the design team, Jennifer produces drafts, prototypes, and engaging design solutions for a multitude of client initiatives. With her focus on sustainability and community-building efforts, she helps build mindfulness into the details of every project. Whether they’re luxury resorts or immersive art museums, Jennifer makes projects future-proof. Adaptive reuse, flexible configurations, and story-driven designs aren’t just in Jennifer’s wheelhouse – they’re guiding principles in everything she approaches.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned her skills in Revit and AutoCAD modeling, diagramming, sketching, research, and more. While in school, Jen had the opportunity to participate in the Dominican Republic’s Batey Rehab Project, where she and a team of locals built a family in need an entirely new home in only five days. In a similar vein, Jen has also tackled numerous projects in poverty alleviation with the Habitat for Humanity. Jen also holds a Bachelor of Science in International Relations and Affairs from the University of Delaware, and speaks French with working proficiency.

In previous roles, Jennifer has acted as interior design coordinator, production designer, and more. Her well-rounded abilities are reflected across the wealth of projects she attends to in themed entertainment design, luxury hotel design, kinetic retail, and others.

Within interior design, themed entertainment, and more, Jennifer is an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with. As she transforms design intent into easy-to-read visuals, Jennifer works with clients, vendors, and designers to create long-lasting experiences that amaze, inspire, and connect with global audiences.

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