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JAM Troyan is eager to use her passion for themed entertainment to enhance a diverse array of experiences for a variety of audiences. During her academic and professional experience, she has introduced peers and colleagues to the effects that well-executed themes can have on products. Whether said themes are as small as email chains to those or as large as company events, JAM combines excellent management standards with artistic prowess to create guest destinations of a lifetime.

While studying Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University, JAM got her start in themed entertainment with Walt Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, by assisting Quality Engineering with the turnover of Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. She then discovered her love of Project Management working on Blue Sky projects with Walt Disney Imagineering. Thanks to these experiences, JAM is well equipped to tackle any phase of a project.

JAM’s first professional position was with SpaceX, where she worked as a Launch Engineer and worked on Spacecraft Integration projects in Cape Canaveral, Florida. While at SpaceX, she learned how to refurbish both fairings and capsules on a tight timeline. Most notably, she tackled capsule refurbishment for the Inspiration4, the first all-civilian spacecraft. In this role, she demonstrated her ability to learn quickly and on-the-job across a number of tasks. Whether it’s a themed entertainment, conservation, hospitality, or space travel endeavor, she applies this same fervor for learning and urgency to hit the ground running on any project AOA has in store.

Alongside her work ethic and passion for the role, JAM encourages every team she is a part of to become a family. She believes that a team with trust, communication, and collaboration is the key to success. She works to seamlessly integrate department teams and client teams into one united front, and brings this attitude into every AOA initiative.

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