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For Jackie, story drives everything. From the first piece of concept art to the last brick, plot is always the deciding factor in Jackie’s professional pursuits. As the Director of the Design Studio, Jackie manages AOA’s creative work for hospitality leaders across the globe. Virgin, Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, and Sands, are just a few of the world-class leaders she’s worked alongside – and always with that story-driven mindset tagging along for the ride. With a highly organized approach and a creative mindset under her belt, Jackie emphasizes guest experience, story, and efficiency, in all things show set design.

During her time with AOA, Jackie has worked on several projects both domestically and abroad, including but not limited to: Universal Orlando’s Incredible Hulk Coaster, The Edison at Disney Springs, Shanghai Disneyland Resort, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and Disney Cruise Lines. Whether it’s master planning a private island or contributing to engineering milestones, Jackie brings an intuitive understanding to branded design objectives in all her projects.

Jackie’s career started out in horticultural design, where she created landscapes for commercial and residential locations across the country. Her dedication to guest experience and story-based design quickly drew her into themed entertainment, where she planted the seeds of a great design eye and watched it grow into a full-blown constructed creation.

These days, Jackie mainly works in AOA’s Red Chair department, working to procure tables-and-chairs for all kinds of luxury resort affairs. She assists in hurricane recovery, new constructions, and renovations for all of AOA’s resort builds. She loves to travel, allowing her to keep up with the pulse of resort trends and updates. That love of travel gives her a unique perspective on what guests want and need on vacation, too – after all, she’s lived some of those lap-of-luxury vacations and mini-getaway stays!

Regardless of whether the client is building a luxury way-away or a lightning-fast coaster, Jackie knows that a good story is where a project starts and ends. She turns stories into reality through desks-and-chairs, landscape affairs, and even E-ticket rides in the vast out-there.

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