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With over twenty years of extensive administrative support experience at her side, Jackie Hatch brings an incredible amount of efficiency and operations success to the AOA team. From ensuring timely access to the executive team to expertly handling client inquiries, Jackie maintains structure amidst the company’s fast-paced, high-volume environment.

Before joining AOA, Jackie worked at Walt Disney Imagineering, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney Cruise Line, and various other arms of the Walt Disney Company. During her time with Walt Disney Imagineering, Jackie acted as the point of contact for the Walt Disney Company’s Board of Directors, CEO, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman, and Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer. Whether she’s upholding high levels of confidentiality at all times or communicating agendas across studios, this administration professional excels at logistics, coordination, organization, and communication.

Out of all the diverse roles Jackie has held, her time with Disney’s Animal Programs at Animal Kingdom Lodge has been one of the most rewarding thus far. As an Education Associate, Jackie worked alongside Cast Members from across the globe to teach guests about conservation efforts and animal education.
After leaving the Walt Disney Company, Jackie also worked at Kreate, Inc, an national events company serving the live production needs of Superbowl-level programs, as the Executive Assistant to the President. Similarly, Jackie has previously carried her Executive Assistant skills into Dreamscape Immersive, a story-based full-roam VR experience creation company partially funded by Steven Spielberg and IMAX, among others. Most recently, Jackie facilitated travel schedules, office operations, and more as the Orlando Magic’s Executive Assistant to the CEO.

As the primary administrator for AOA’s themed entertainment design vertical, Jackie’s daily duties include providing administrative support to creative executives and providing backup support for the greater executive team. Her flexibility and time management skills are unparalleled, allowing her to assist in a number of both client and executive requests. Her operations experience, mixed with her ability to coordinate fast-paced efforts with ease, make her an incredible addition to AOA’s administrative support team.

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