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From out-of-this-world candy brands to amazing album cover designs, Christian Pinero is a graphic designer, animator, and all-around amazing artist. Alongside his AOA team-mates, this award-winning artisan prides himself on his ability to accomplish brand goals in creative and innovative ways.

Christian’s projects include various exploits across the print media world, including packaging, signage, menu design, and so much more. His packaging project for the popular candy brand, “Hyper Invaders”, won a Silver Addy Award for its creativity, interactivity, and, best of all: convincing snackability. And aside from those sugar-rush inspired exploits, Christian is also proud to be a part of designing Spotify canvas visualizers, video promos, and cover art for noted artist Joelle.

This graphic design connoisseur comes from the vast world of multimedia design. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with his Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, he put the pedal to the medal in an unparalleled way. With previous credits at Columbia Street Studios, Christian got his start working on initiatives at the Walt Disney World Resort’s Wine Bar George, Darden Restaurants, and more. His ability to integrate video content into the wider world of advertising and media materials is unmatched. Looking for an off-the-cuff way to boost your engagement? Christian’s your guy. Searching for the brand design that turns an old-fashioned look into a classic one? He’s ready with the digital and traditional tools to make your dreams a reality.

Amidst these star-studded adventures, Christian adds to the greater design team with his great work ethic, creative eye, and unique perspective. At AOA, every day is different; that means Christian gets to explore graphic design capabilities in all kinds of media. No matter what kind of project he pursues, he’s an irreplaceable aspect of any exploit: theme parks, package design, and more.

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