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All the world’s a stage, but Calyn is here to help clients create a stage to rule them all. With over 10 years of experience in the themed entertainment industry in-hand, Calyn brings special effects experience, audio-visual expertise, and a blast of pyrotechnical practice to each of AOA’s projects.

Calyn began her career as a Stage Manager and Entertainment/Special FX Technician. Since then, she has held technical entertainment roles at major entertainment destinations including: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Disney Cruise Lines. She has also worked all over the country on electrifying music festivals, sensational concerts, and professional sporting events. She excels at all the event details that take the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Dramatic entrances, fireworks, flames, and water jets are just a few things that Calyn specializes in, along with the high-tech solutions that follow. Trap doors, Pepper’s ghosts, and other old-school entertainment tools meet modern-day solutions when it comes to her repertoire, giving her the best of the classic techniques and the newest options available.

At AOA, Calyn has used that healthy marriage of old-and-new on the revolutionary land of Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and so many other exciting entertainment escapades. Across these projects at industry leader locations, Calyn’s work elevates the everyday events of off-world, outer-rim planets to stratosphere-high excitement – and she’ll never say no to a good pyro effect whether you’re on Earth or a Pandoran moon.

Of all the wonderful things Calyn handles on a day-to-day basis at AOA, one of the best parts is working with the most widely talented individuals in the industry. Calyn's experiences and capabilities add strength to every stage she and her team create – if all the world’s a stage, Calyn only wants to build the best ones.

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