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Whether it’s historical set decoration direction, manning the audio-visual design to create audial immersion, or helping create lighting design that illuminates even the finest details, Beverly Barritt is the set dressing professional that makes AOA’s sets truly enchanted. As a former Walt Disney Imagineer, everything that Beverly touches has a whisper of magic between the lines; she’s proud to carry that mythical talent into every AOA project she handles.

On a day-to-day basis, Beverly is responsible for creative concepting, procurement and installation of set dressings for the theme parks’ restaurants, boutiques and rides. Her most notable projects include Animal Kingdom and Disneyland Studios Paris, where she compiled and managed set dressing lists, budgets, and schedules. From conception to completion, Beverly is the professional who can do it all: creative, technical, and production alike.

And Beverly’s experience isn’t just limited to theme parks. She’s also worked in residential and commercial spaces, giving her a unique understanding of development processes and effective communications with vendors, contractors, and agents.

Among her many projects, the Edison at Disney Springs has to be one of her favorites. With a healthy dose of steampunk mixed in with a cocktail of speakeasy antiquities, the two-story restaurant features some of Beverly’s finest work in set decoration and technical incorporation. She procured props, designed lighting fixtures, and located historical relevant pieces for the Walt Disney World Resort restaurant. This clever restaurant location was fueled by invention, imagination, and 1920s inspiration; Beverly is so glad she got to be a part of itt.

This multi-talented set decoration pro is ready to apply her skills in communication and collaboration to any project AOA might throw at her, and she’s excited to build something incredible alongside the rest of the team.

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