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Storytelling is the core of Andrea Benham’s life. Always ready with a book recommendation, an insane travel story, or a fun fact about history, Andrea uses her unique perspective on the world to bring life to her work.

With a degree in production design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and a minor in both costume design and architectural history, creativity is never in short supply. An avid gardener (right now house plants in her condo), painter, seamstress and model maker, if its hands-on its nothing Andrea can’t learn. Her favorite question to get is “did you make that?”

Above all else, Andrea is ready to launch into whatever project is placed in front of her. Every project is a chance to learn a new skill. Working at 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver, Colorado was a lesson in how to move fast and ignore distractions like nine-foot screaming monster animatronics, shopping for props for Meow Wolf taught her not to stop until you find that perfect piece, and installing the new fiberglass for the Main Street Train Station in the Magic Kingdom let her know that night shift in the parks is something to get used to and its own amazing experience.

Andrea is delighted to have found a new home at AOA, a company that celebrates her eclectic talents. Whether a client needs a mural, custom embroidery, an obscure prop or that last little thing to tie the story together, Andera is ready to put all her focus into making the finished product a world of its own.

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