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Alexandra Campbell is a native of Rochester, NY, a skilled artist, and a Production Designer with a love of learning & leadership. Alexandra specializes in all things immersive, paving the way for her AOA teams into exciting new heights of fabrication and design. Whether she is reviewing designs and providing feedback on feasibility and cost, or getting into the thick of fabrication and installations, Alexandra’s multi-faceted approach to problem solving makes her a unique asset to every team she leads.

Alexandra’s unique background combines fine art, fabrication, and construction, informing the outside-the-box thinking that allows her to excel within themed entertainment design and construction. Her artistic foundation began with a scenic apprenticeship at Orlando Shakespeare Theatre shortly after earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Branching out into fabrication, Alexandra was able to hone skills in metalworking, sculpture, carpentry, mold-making, and more, building high-quality props and scenery for world-class leaders in the immersive entertainment industry.

Alexandra has led teams of fabricators and installers to success on projects such as Disney’s Frozen: Ever After at Epcot, where she assisted in making a Norway-inspired winter wonderland come to life; Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Magic Kingdom, in which Alexandra helped a classic attraction rise to new heights; Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, allowing King Kong to return to the iconic park in style; as well as props and specialty lighting fixtures for The Edison at Disney Springs: a glamourous prohibition-style restaurant and performance space all-in-one.

In addition to the artistic skills required for fabrication, Alexandra excels at organization, leadership, communication, and decision making. Her history with both art and construction, paired with her hands-on experience in budget and schedule adherence, gives her a real-world idea of cost measurement and time management.

In her role at AOA, these skills allow her to manage fabrication and installation teams while ensuring that all aspects of a project exceed the expectations of clients and guests. This is achieved early on during the design process, where she advises AOA’s design team in practical production and buildability. Successful production and installation of props and scenery requires Alexandra to be a strategic planner as well as a quick and effective problem solver. She is proficient at understanding the strengths of her team members and utilizing those strengths to produce work of the best quality, while always prioritizing safety. Alexandra works closely with project owners and general contractors in order to efficiently collaborate toward on-schedule and on-budget attractions.

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