Wes Collier

Project Executive

In his role with AOA, Wes is responsible for managing entertainment construction projects, resort construction, and best of all: his AOA teammates. After all, the shared values amidst the team are what make the days at AOA so sweet – not to mention the fantastic work they accomplish on a day-to-day basis.

And speaking of superior work, Wes has worked on a number of amazing projects at AOA: three of Disney Springs’ parking garages at the Walt Disney World Resort, the Conservatory Golf Course Clubhouse, and the Dolphin Mall. Multi-million dollar construction projects are where Wes thrives – and that’s thanks to an early start.

Wes’ start in construction began with his father and grandfather, both hardworking construction professionals. As a teenager, Wes worked and learned alongside them; each project he completes now is a legacy to those who reach out to the young with an extended hand. Wes’ legacy also draws him to AOA’s interns, wherein Wes is thrilled to play the role of both teacher and student. At AOA, there’s always something new to learn; Wes never goes a day without making a new discovery.

He carries the legacy of his family and those lessons learned through each project he’s on. Whether it’s a movie theatre or a world-class resort, Wes is happy to set up any structure a client might need. His favorite projects include the NASCAR Corporate HQ in Daytona, FL, for its racin’ repertoire amidst desks and conference rooms, and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in South Beach, FL for its complexity in design, project successes, and high-class output.

Whether you’re looking for representation in a renovation project or looking to erect something entirely new, Wes is ready with his team and tools in hand.