Fail fast, fail often: it’s the only way to reach new frontiers. For Tom, new frontiers began with Walt Disney Imagineering and blaze on with AOA’s theme park, hospitality, retail, and restaurant experiences. Whether it’s live entertainment design, feature films, iconic architecture, or any of the other A-list projects AOA works on, Tom leads the greater team into new challenges with creative strategy and entertainment excellence – and, well, into new frontiers.

Tom’s 30 years of experience in worldwide entertainment projects has brought him across the globe: Saudi Arabian theme park design, Orlando-based e-ticket attractions, and primatologist museums across the pond are just a few initiatives that he’s led while at AOA. And at Walt Disney Imagineering, this creative professional was no stranger to international assignments. Disney’s Studio Park is among Tom’s repertoire alongside the port of Lights, Motors, Action! to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And speaking of ports, Tom is proud to be a part of Disney Cruise Line’s genesis with ships like the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder.

Tom has been recognized for his work in a wealth of accolades across the park design industry. He has more than a dozen Themed Entertainment Awards, recognition from Blooloop’s Top 50 Theme Park Influencers list, and experience in leadership and advisory board positions for organizations like the Themed Entertainment Association, the University of Florida’s Themed Environments Integration Board of Directors, and many others.

Above all else, Tom is proud of the team they’ve been able to build at AOA. It’s the people, not the project, that turn client dreams into a reality. With a dash of real-world business skills and a ton of innovative thinking, Tom leads his team beyond the borders of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.