Tamara Uranick

Executive Assistant

If there’s anything Tamara’s learned at AOA, it’s not to get too comfortable with routine. At AOA, every day is different. For this administration professional, Monday Is drastically different than Tuesday - and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

As part of AOA’s office administration team, Tamara handles all of the around-the-office duties: client relations, teams systems management, and CRM are just a few of her day-to-day tasks. At both AOA and her prior opportunities, she participated in the management of multi-million dollar projects, event production, and accounts payable and receivables. She’s also acted as a bid manager for a scaffolding firm, a teacher’s aide, and an accountant – you could say that she’s done a little bit of everything, making her amidst AOA’s jack-of-all trades where internal affairs are concerned. Whether it’s industrial work, themed entertainment creations, or luxury hotel locations, Tamara’s enthusiasm and support make things at AOA go swimmingly – little details and all.

Her favorite thing about her job is the incredible team she works with. Every day, Tamara is surrounded by some of the brightest minds in hospitality and themed entertainment. AOA’s culture is built on authenticity, hard work, and creativity; Tamara helps build up and preserve that culture every single day, and she gets to do it among some of the most unique people around. It’s hard to imagine a better office culture – this office, after all, has an employee’s head on the cold brew tap.

As executive team support, Tamara handles managerial matters in scheduling, clerical backing, expense reports, and acts as the point-of-contact between clients and executives. No matter what the task is, Tamara is up to the ebb-and-flow from Monday morning till project close.