At a company with so much growth, it’s no wonder that AOA employs one of the most adaptable and innovative people in the accounting industry: Scott Rose. With a decade of experience in public and industry accounting, Scott brings a strong background of financial knowledge to the AOA team. As the business bursts venerated ventures, Scott is responsible for keeping up the payroll pace. From managing project financials to working on payable accounts systems, Scott keeps AOA’s commerce going.

In his previous role as Accounting Manager, Scott developed and implemented accounting and project management functions as the company brought on new accounting information and software. Scott was also the lead on implementing a virtual accounts payable system to streamline vendor payments, giving clients a new, easier way to pay. Prior to being an Accounting Manager, Scott worked at a public accounting firm managing daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual customer accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, business and personal tax returns.

Scott’s favorite thing about his job is that the work is never boring. Numbers have always made sense to him, but at AOA, numbers are exciting, too. His financial accounts are about life-size Optimus Prime models and Walt Disney World attractions. Instead of selling products, Scott helps build guest memories that last a lifetime. While he doesn’t live on the project side of AOA’s business, he still plays a huge hand in building something beautiful; he builds the bones of budgets, which is a huge part of making the office such a great place to work.

Amidst the bustling halls of AOA’s financial systems, Scott is there to create function out of figures. Yearning to help and solve problems, Scott loves to learn and teach all things in the realm of accounting. When it comes to the team, Scott provides clarity in all things money management.