Scott Ramsey

Senior Project Manager
MEPF Specialist

Recovery, renovation, and new resort generation: Scott Ramsey is a 40-year construction professional well-seasoned in all things project management for luxury resorts. From handling hurricane recovery in the Caribbean to managing multi-million dollar power plant constructions, Scott’s work has brought him across the world and across industries. And now, he’s brings that diverse experience to all things AOA.

Scott specializes in hospitality coordination both within the US and internationally. He has led efforts at Wyndham's Rio Mar in Puerto Rico, acted as the Senior Manager for the Wyndham Margaritaville Hotel in St. Thomas, USVI, and much more. Across languages and cultures, Scott has been a key part of making sure that everyone’s on the same page. In the midst of crisis recovery, Scott can’t stress how important it is to keep communication clear.

As part of the AOA team, Scott ensures that nothing gets lost in translation or communication regardless of whether he’s building something new or re-building something better than it was before. Scott’s post-hurricane recovery duties help get rejuvenating resorts back up-to-speed for clients and guests alike; he understands the role that resorts play in getting tourism back up-to-speed, giving him a unique perspective on resort builds in hurricane zones.

And as for his other experience, listing all the projects Scott’s proud to have worked on would take up this entire page, but some notable projects include Marriott's Frenchman's Reef Resort, completing $21,000,000 of projects in renovation; a $23,000,000 MEP budget for power plant reconstruction, and so much more. Whether he’s building a brand new resort from scratch or reconstructing a classic construction, he’s got the experience to help make a project perfect.

Regardless of what clients might throw Scott’s way, his experience and easy attitude make any project a welcome challenge. Scott is here to bring his handy hospitality know-how to any project.