Rachel Reid

Staff Accountant

As an accountant with an artistic eye, Rachel is just the kind of financial aficionado AOA needs. From Excel extravagance to organizational opulence, Rachel has a keen eye for displaying information, accurate reporting skills, and the positive attitude needed to make AOA’s projects amazing.

Rachel started her accounting career working for a commercial property management firm in southern California. Her early career is full of insurmountable feats: she managed full cycle accounting for over 30 clients at a time, handled anything from loan applications and property taxes to budgeting, and maintained financial reports.

Rachel also acted as a financial analyst for a private jet company, gaining experience with tax preparation and earning more exposure to a wide variety of responsibilities. Many of her projects included special requests from clients in things like such as helping to devise a budget for a specific opportunity, loan applications, setting up trusts, payroll, and more.

Above all else, Rachel’s strengths lay in streamlining. Throughout her career, she’s been able to assess accounts and figure out a way to make things at-a-glance easy. Having worked with a variety of clients across many industries, Rachel understands the importance of readable dashboards and comprehensible numbers. She’s worked hard to communicate calculations across clients and contractors alike.

At AOA, her primary role has in invoicing, payroll, and reporting; her wide variety of experience has given her the ability to adapt to the ever-changing business needs at AOA. With a company growing as fast as this one, Rachel is the accounting wonder that helps keep up all the financial ducks in a row. She’s worked with medical offices, restaurants, law offices, and now, theme parks. Her diverse experience has certainly led to an amazing learning experience, which she carries with her throughout all of AOA’s projects.