Paul Bailey

Managing Director of West US
Innovation + Technology Principal

Amidst old-school Houdini tricks and high-tech entertainment diversions, Paul Bailey is a misapplication magician and former Imagineer. Paul specializes in creating the trick behind the magic with technical, artistic, and analytic elements; with the use of technology and over 24 years of experience, Paul is the man behind the themed entertainment curtain.

As one of AOA’s executive members, Paul leads with empathy, trust, and understanding. Having managed huge projects like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and its corresponding attraction, Rise of the Resistance, he understands that mutual respect between all team members is the only way to build something astounding. Kessel runs and industrial automatons aside, Paul believes in people. Projects are nothing without the humans behind them, and Paul is proud to usher his team into new galaxies and beyond.

And when it comes to ushering in a new era of themed entertainment projects, Paul’s the AOA team member with the applied science skills to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Paul handles AOA’s technology and innovation sector, providing company-wide guidance on creative technology application with the use of his unique background. With training in illustration and sculpting; work experience as a creature designer and makeup artist; and a life-long love of technology; Paul’s understanding of various fields has given him the know-how to tackle any client issue.

At AOA, Paul’s expertise lies within bridging the gap between technical and creative. His skill in illusion, special effects, and integrated show technologies allow him to pull the wool over guests’ eyes in the best way possible. When it comes to AOA’s clients, Paul is the theme park designer and company leader that’ll turn magical mystique into tangible experiences.