James Eister

Technical Project Coordinator

This licensed professional engineer has a passion for themed entertainment, high-tech design skills, and team coordination prowess. AOA team member James Eister utilizes mechanical engineering principles to achieve creative and technical goals for projects within budget, according to client vision, and on time. James’ experience spans from stadium roof mechanization to theme park ride engineering – and even to aerospace heights!

With unique projects and tight deadlines, James is the technical professional with the know-how to navigate innovative solutions. From designing structures to withstand hurricane-level gusts to creating a new spin on a Boeing material lift, James solves project challenges with cutting-edge thinking and leading-edge professionalism. His experience also includes maintenance engineering and long-term inspections; he’s a key part of ensuring system integrity long after the opening day ribbon has been cut.

James got his start at Clemson University, where he studied Mechanical Engineering at a B.Sc., and M.Sc., level. From there on, he began his career acting as a mechanical engineer across various industries. Some of his highlights include stadium roof mechanization for the Texas Rangers in Arlington, TX, a material lift for Boeing in Everett, WA, and assorted projects across the amusement park world. James has even explored initiatives across the aerospace engineering industry, sending his familiarity with large scale mechanized projects to entirely new stratospheres. Alongside the rest of company, he values communication and collaboration in every project, regardless of the industry.

As a valued AOA team-mate, James’ engineering experience and technical abilities are an integral part of transforming client visions into a reality. On any project, James acts as a bridge-builder between technical execution and management planning to create experiences that amaze. From concept to close-out, James is the large-scale and small-scale engineer that helps build the AOA dream.