Jake Larsen

Project Coordinator
Project Engineer

Project coordination and engineering machinations are just a few things that make up Jake Larsen’s professional foundations. From coordinating guests’ flights across the globe on an e-ticket attraction to tracking labor at a celebrity-stuffed restaurant, Jake’s experience has brought him a wealth of knowledge in theme park branding, mouse-made project management, and so much more.

At AOA, Jake has assisted with several projects across the globe. Some of his favorite initiatives include supporting the ride mechanical team on EPCOT’s Soarin’ Around the World, assisting with emergency lighting and signal testing on the Magic Kingdom’s Big Thunder Mountain, and facilitating on-site labor tracking at Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs. Jake has also supported the back-of-house Facilities and Assets Management team inside Hollywood Studios, allowing for the park to grow in a functional capacity as attendance rose. As the universe expands, so does the themed entertainment universe; Jake is just one star in this star-studded galaxy.

And speaking of projects that work in functional capacities: Meow Wolf Las Vegas is certainly among Jake’s most challenging projects. Creating structure out of a brand-new project, coordinating across hundreds of artists, and working on an off-the-cuff art installation is a lot to put on any plate. Jake handled it all with grace and efficiency despite the difficulties: getting documentation together and keeping everyone on the same page was a key part of that. With Jake’s natural inclination towards careful coordination, it’s no wonder that he’s among AOA’s go-to professionals for otherwise unscripted occupations.

Sensibility, practicality, and structure make Jake’s personality a welcome addition to AOA’s projects. With the fast-paced nature of themed entertainment work, Jake focuses on supporting the team however he can. Above all else, Jake contributes a youthful spirit and open mind to all of AOA’s engineering-and-coordination machinations.