Heather Witt

Senior Project Manager

Whether it’s fabrication for an attraction in a galaxy far, far away or managing the construction of a circus museum, Heather works alongside clients and team-mates alike to build amazing guest experiences. Heather Witt is a senior project manager, longtime themed entertainment enthusiast, and valued member of AOA. With over 20 years of experience in creative design and construction project management, Heather is excited about all things museums, theme parks, brand experiences, retail, and corporate events.

Heather manages the design, fabrication, and installation of all her projects. Show set, retail, and restaurant-themed elements are just a few areas she’s worked in when it comes to themed entertainment. From design to construction, Heather’s up for anything that needs building, sketching, or budgeting. With experience in all aspects, she’s ready to design it at the desk and bring it to life at the workshop.

Amidst all her projects, Heather ensures the completion of projects within timeline, budget, and client vision. She stands beside the client liaison ready to relay creative vision to the rest of her team. She also handles all aspects of contracted scope: design, procurement, fabrication, installation, and programming from early concepting to opening day. Designing for a circus museum with high-flying acrobats and life-size elephant models? She’s done that. Building a world-class speed machine in Italy? Heather can build a Ferrari model with the best of them. No matter the content, Heather is up for the challenge.

Whether she is working on a theme park in Abu Dhabi, a children’s museum in Beijing, or a corporate branding experience in the US, Heather is deeply committed to delivering compelling visitor experiences and client satisfaction. Here’s to fabricating a fantastic adventure for guests across the galaxy!