Giselle Flores

Project Manager

Designed? Check. Scheduled? Check. Constructed? Check. Turned over to the client? Check. When it comes to turn-key resort projects, Giselle is a world-class project manager for all aspects of a project’s life cycle.

Giselle’s project experience includes the Caicu Rum Bar restaurant renovation, where she received recognition in the company’s project management awards; Roots Coastal Kitchen Renovation; and the conversion of 32 hotel units into timeshare opportunities for the Wyndham Margaritaville Resort. Amidst all of these exciting new resort re-dos and new construction projects, Giselle has been a key part of making client fantasy a reality.

But above all else, Giselle is proudest of her work in hurricane recovery. Turning hurricane damage into something beautiful is a uniquely difficult and thus, uniquely rewarding task. After Hurricane Maria, Giselle coordinated and processed all insurance-related documentation and in-the-field reconstruction for Wyndham Río Mar, Puerto Rico. With Giselle’s guidance, hard work, and dedication, the Río Mar re-opened less than six months after the category five hurricane. Like her resort-focused teammates, Giselle knows the importance of getting tourism up-and-running again after disaster. That’s why she’s a perfect addition to the fast-paced resort recovery team over at AOA. For Giselle, that connection to resort rehabilitation is what puts the passion into the project.

Giselle’s projects are always her favorite part of her job, but she gives an honorable mention to the closeness of the company. While she’s on-site at projects across the Caribbean, she never feels very far from the rest of her teammates. Everyone is always a phone call away and flexibility is paramount. For both clients and co-workers, she knows that that nobody exists on an island – even if you’re physically on one.

To say that Giselle’s track record includes working under extreme conditions is an understatement. Whether it’s disaster rehabilitation or a brand-new renovation, this project manager is here to create, build, and restore.