David Kucinski

Senior Production Designer

David Kucinski is AOA’s fabrication, installation, and all-around production mason. From cross-cultural contracting and accessible ADA signage-making, David has worked across the globe on a wealth of projects in the entertainment industry. Alongside his AOA teammates, David is a creative professional who strives to make every into something clients can be proud of.

In previous capacity, David has worked on projects at Universal Studios Japan, Meow Wolf Las Vegas, and various exciting immersive experiences spanning several continents and countries. Working on overseas initiatives often means organizing across languages and cultures, and David has mastered the art of finding effective ways to communicate despite language barriers. He’s worked with construction contractors, clients, and subcontractors and excels at keeping everyone on the same page, even if the work spans multiple languages and locations.

David also specializes in signage, especially where accessibility initiatives are a chief priority. Creating ADA-accessible signs for people with disabilities is one of his career goals. He understands the navigational challenges of moving through a space for people with unconventional attributes and has the innovative thinking required to overcome those difficulties.

Whether it’s fabricating props for a brand-new theatrical adventure or designing pieces for a luxury high-rise hotel, David’s expertise in all things entertainment is the perfect addition to AOA’s all-star team. His hands-on experienced mixed in with his eye for design give him both an eye for detail and a unique ability to problem solve. After all, it’s easy to know how well a design will work if you’ve got the fabrication and delineation skills to plan out the fine details.

Of all the impressive projects David’s been a part of, he’s proud to say that his drive and passion is always client focused. From sign installation to designing a perfect production, he carries out every task with client vision and goals in mind. At AOA, creativity and client goals go hand-in-hand – David is one key part of clear communication between that artistic spirit and those real-world schedules.