Dave Acomb, RA

Principal Design Architect
Registered Architect

Efficient fire stations, restaurant feasts in France, flash-fast rollercoasters: you name it, Dave Acomb has been an architect on it. As AOA’s premier design architect, Dave has credits across a multitude of venues, countries, and industries. At AOA, Dave acts as architect, leader, mentor, and student – AOA is one of those wonderful places where teacher and student are often the same.

David’s entertainment experience includes several properties across the Walt Disney Resort’s EPCOT: Via Napoli, the Lotus Blossom Café, and Takumi-Tei. When it comes to E-ticket attractions, David is proud to say that he’s worked on The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Orlando Resort as well as various 4D theater concepts in both China and Australia.

Aside from the exciting theme park gigs, Dave is also proud to say that he’s exercised his civic duty across a number of cities. As an architect for public works like fire stations, police stations, and courthouses, Dave’s work is littered across the country. He’s built the places that house our public servants, carrying them through life-threatening fires and beyond. Dave’s work on these projects taught him how to build a safe, comfortable haven for public works professionals across the United States. Despite shoestring budgets and the other challenges of public projects, Dave’s architectural skills carried him through each difficulty and into prosperity.

David has over 35 years of comprehensive experience in design, architecture, and construction. He has been involved in all phases of architecture from blue sky concepts through on-site construction administration and has a deep understanding of project development. His creative innovations in public safety design were implemented on a national level, and he authored numerous articles and seminars in the promotion of these concepts. Name the architectural project – Dave Acomb has probably written a paper about it, too!