Dan Antkowiak

Storyboard Artist

There are a few things Dan brings to every meeting: a sketchbook, a great attitude, and a listening ear. As a collaborative professional, Dan believes in showing up to every meeting ready to explore any concept a client might have. With this artistic expert, every phone call and every conference is a chance for brilliant new ideas to emerge.

Dan has worked in entertainment visual arts for over 20 years, generating storyboards and animatics for all types of filmed media. He explores ideas and advances discussion through sketches. Dan’s previous project experience includes the Orlando Eye, Sea World’s Infinity Falls, and Maria & Enzo’s at Disney Springs; these projects have largely consisted of storyboarding the guest experience as well as initial concept art, giving clients a real idea of what their project will be like when experienced. He has also illustrated projects for directors Francis Lawrence, Peter Chelsom, F. Gary Gray and Roger Donaldson. Other clients include Lexus, Lockheed Martin, and even Home Depot.

As a visual artist, Dan’s focus is on showing clients what the project could be through quick sketches and storyboards. Theme park builds, retail commercials, and even restaurant additions are easier to commit to when clients have a first-hand idea of what it might look like; Dan believes that observable ideas lead to clearer communication on all sides, and so he makes sure that he offers up optical contributions wherever possible.

Dan’s other skills include set design and scenic art, prop fabrication and practical visual effects for camera, specifically the use of miniatures. As an artistic jack-of-all trades, Dan’s theme park and theatrical experience have given him the skills needed to turn a client’s dream into a wonderful reality.