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Dr. Jane Goodall Legacy Preservation

JGI Headquarters; Washington, D.C.


Jane Goodall Institute

From virtual experience ideation to groundbreaking concept foundation, AOA was responsible for the ideas, the conceptual design and all early development conversations for the Jane Goodall legacy preservation project. Our vision for using storytelling and technology to bring Jane’s message virtually to people across the globe was singularly developed based on AOA’s extensive experience in immersive design. The concept of a “virtual Jane” was presented for the first time to The Jane Goodall Institute by AOA in a manner that would allow Jane, as she ventured into her 80’s, the ability to ostensibly be in more than one place at a time. Accompanying our idea of “virtual Jane” were concepts for a virtual, 360-degree visit to Gombe, Africa, an exact recreation of Jane’s tent in Gombe that was her a stronghold for the groundbreaking research she conducted, and even a platform to engage students of all ages in the global conversation of conservation. AOA designed a mobile classroom which would travel to schools nationwide and allow schoolchildren across the United States to interact with Jane, spreading her compelling message of conservation and preservation through every digital lesson they engaged in.

AOA also supported fundraising for the awe-inspiring initiative with the creation and development of an extremely unique collateral device via handheld video screens with Jane herself vocalizing the need for the project to be realized. As part of the forward-thinking campaign to get the project funded, we scripted, filmed, produced, and directed this fundraising video featuring Jane Goodall herself and embedded our concept illustrations and ideas within the video.

Additionally, we built a mobile recording studio for Jane in partnership with the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, packed neatly in a road case to ease the challenges of Jane’s team capturing her message while she was traveling. A virtual Jane Goodall now exists for all to see, experience and interact with, as do other aspects of our conceptual ideas and overall project ideation development. AOA is proud to be a part of any educational experience that shares our mutual dedication to conservation and sustainability, and we are pleased that our relationship with Jane Goodall and her “Office of the Founder” remains vibrant.

While you might think you know Jane, many do not take the time to delve into her life’s work. We strongly encourage you to take the time to do so.


Conceptual Development, Concept Design, Filmography, Storyboards, Technical Direction

Start Date: 2017

End Date: 2018



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